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Audio Asynchronous Sample Rate Converters
Reference Product Brief
IPB-ASRC-H 24-bit -130 dB Multi-Channel Audio Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter
Serial Audio Interfaces
Reference Product Brief
IPB-I2S-TDM I2S/TDM Configurable Serial Audio Interfaces
IPB-I2S-TDM-ASRC I2S/TDM Serial Audio Interface with Asynchronous Sample Rate Converters
IPB-SPDIF-RX Configurable SPDIF-AES3 Receiver
IPB-SPDIF-TX Configurable SPDIF-AES3 Transmitter
Audio Encoders
Reference Product Brief
IPB-AAC-LC-SE AAC-LC Stereo Audio Encoder
IPB-AAC-LC-ME AAC-LC Audio Encoder
IPB-AAC-LC-HE-ME AAC-LC and HE-AAC Audio Encoder
IPB-AAC-HE-ME HE-AAC Audio Encoder
IPB-MPEG-SE MPEG-1/2 – Layer I/II Audio Encoder
Audio Decoders
Reference Product Brief
IPB-AAC-LC-SD AAC-LC Stereo Audio Decoder
IPB-AAC-LC-MD AAC-LC Audio Decoder
IPB-AAC-LC-HE-MD AAC-LC and HE-AAC Audio Decoder
IPB-AAC-HE-MD HE-AAC Audio Decoder
IPB-MPEG-SD MPEG-1/2 – Layer I/II Audio Decoder
Multimedia Platform
Reference Product Brief
IPB-PLAT-XY Multi-Standard Multi-Channel Audio Codec Engine